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Category Archives: Words

Cargo Cult Programming

James Bach proposes a fancy word in the same thought-space as what I call “Cargo Cult Programming”. How often have you heard somebody say “My program didn’t work, but {the local guru|the Javadoc|MSDN|a Google search} told me that if I sprinkled some extra lines of random code, the problem would go away.” Then, on the […]


My spouse teaches computer science at a Rather Large University. Several years ago one of her students wrote roughly the following in the documentation for one of their assignments: When the program receives invalid input it exits ignominiously. Once again this evening, I found myself chuckling at the thought of a program slinking away in […]

Words to Live By

One thing about the New Employer is that a lot more people have little sayings posted on their cubicle walls. Today’s gem: If I wanted your opinion I’d read your entrails. I can think of at least one regular reader (yes, I’m pretty sure I have one) who might want to post this in their […]

Quote of the Week

From Slacktivist: I look at the works of charlatans like this and just think: Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ, people, stop taking the Lord’s name in vain.

Randall Munroe has Something to Apologize For

Today’s XKCD webcomic entertained me far beyond the allowable limits. We are no longer friends, indeed.


doesn’t sound anything at all like what it describes. I’m just sayin’.