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Computational Legal Studies

The Freedom to Tinker blog (a good read in its own right) points to a fascinating new blog where two University of Michigan grad students are applying computational information analysis and complex systems thinking to issues of law and government; this visualization of US Code Title 11 (the law governing bankruptcy) is just one nifty […]

Astronomy Pictures of the Year for 2007

The Astronomy Picture of the Day site continues to make the world a better place. APOD: 2007: Astronomy Pictures of the Year for 2007 And they now have an RSS feed of their own (though it only shows thumbnails of the pictures):

Sad news…

Three killed in blast at rocket site in Calif – Yahoo! News LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Three people were killed and three others critically injured on Thursday in an explosion at the California rocket-testing facilities operated by famed commercial spaceflight pioneer Burt Rutan, authorities said. NASA often gets criticized for being too conservative and risk-averse, […]

The Astronomy Picture of the Day makes the world a better place; Unfortunately they don’t provide an RSS feed, but I found one at thanks to Jamie Zawinski.