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Category Archives: IT

Computational Legal Studies

The Freedom to Tinker blog (a good read in its own right) points to a fascinating new blog where two University of Michigan grad students are applying computational information analysis and complex systems thinking to issues of law and government; this visualization of US Code Title 11 (the law governing bankruptcy) is just one nifty […]

Real World Requirements Gathering

I’m going through almost exactly this process right now: “<ping> Irving, I want you to build a Provider Portal…” via Street Prophets: News from the Net Noah and the Ark. Bill Cosby…

Why Aren’t We Using Electronic Health Records?

Greg sent me a link to a story: Doctors too slow to embrace electronic health records. My first reaction was “Of course doctors don’t want to use electronic health record systems. Have you looked at them? They’re nasty!” Now, physicians are notorious for resisting change, but we need to step back and think about […]