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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Sad news…

Three killed in blast at rocket site in Calif – Yahoo! News LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Three people were killed and three others critically injured on Thursday in an explosion at the California rocket-testing facilities operated by famed commercial spaceflight pioneer Burt Rutan, authorities said. NASA often gets criticized for being too conservative and risk-averse, […]

Who Certifies the Certifiers?

This ought to get at least a few of Adam‘s goats. Sadek Drobi over at InfoQ summarizes a debate about certification for programmers where several writers advocate that programmers really should be certified in testing software. InfoQ: Testing and Quality Control the only Certification Needed? A new certification for software developers should not be about […]

Now you’re playing with power

InfoQ: Microsoft Research’s Accelerator: A Data-Parallel Library for .NET that Targets GPUs Microsoft Research’s Accelerator Project exposes a .NET library for performing parallel data processing using a computer’s GPU. Accelerator is a .NET 2.0 DLL that requires DirectX 9, included with Windows XP SP2, and a graphics card that supports Pixel Shader 2.0 or above. […]

The Astronomy Picture of the Day makes the world a better place; Unfortunately they don’t provide an RSS feed, but I found one at thanks to Jamie Zawinski.

Fred Clark on holiness

slacktivist: “God hates divorce” I’ve had the privilege of knowing a few saints who devoted their lives to imitating and demonstrating the love of God. These people also became models of God’s holiness. I’ve also known many pious folk who devoted their lives to imitating and demonstrating the holiness of God. None of those people […]

Words to Live By

One thing about the New Employer is that a lot more people have little sayings posted on their cubicle walls. Today’s gem: If I wanted your opinion I’d read your entrails. I can think of at least one regular reader (yes, I’m pretty sure I have one) who might want to post this in their […]

Quote of the Week

From Slacktivist: I look at the works of charlatans like this and just think: Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ, people, stop taking the Lord’s name in vain.