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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Why Aren’t We Using Electronic Health Records?

Greg sent me a link to a story: Doctors too slow to embrace electronic health records. My first reaction was “Of course doctors don’t want to use electronic health record systems. Have you looked at them? They’re nasty!” Now, physicians are notorious for resisting change, but we need to step back and think about […]

Manage or Measure?

One of the rants that has been bubbling in my head for a while is about the current obsession with “metrics” in management circles. I usually blame this on MBA culture, though I must admit that I don’t have direct evidence to blame the business schools. The oft-heard mantra is “If you can’t measure it, […]

Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People

Diane’s comment on my previous post is bang on (groan…). With the exception of a couple of sign changes, “Guns don’t…” is an excellent analogy for what I’m talking about. While I was ruminating on how to flesh out the analogy, Larry stepped in and got to the point. There’s a growing “user-centric” movement in […]

All Together Now

Hugh Macleod at Gapingvoid drew a cartoon that I’m considering getting tattooed on my forehead: And then the comments led me to Bokardo and UIE Brain Sparks, and now I need to find another few hours to read and think about user interface design…


doesn’t sound anything at all like what it describes. I’m just sayin’.

This is going on your Permanent Record

From After Downing Street, via Brad DeLong, describing a radio call-in show discussing public accountability for the Iraq war: The first caller who was put on the air demanded an investigation of the lies that launched the war, and asked for accountability “all the way up.” In response to Adelman’s claims that history would hold […]