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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Randall Munroe has Something to Apologize For

Today’s XKCD webcomic entertained me far beyond the allowable limits. We are no longer friends, indeed.

Align Your Metrics

An unusually long link-excavation strikes pay dirt: Greg points through Jorge Aranda to Ed Yourdon who, in the course of an article well worth reading, happens to point to an interview with Linda Rising (also worth your time) at InfoQ. The interview was conducted by Deborah Hartmann, a Toronto-based agile development consultant who co-authored a […]

What Did the Identity Provider Know?

…And when did it know it? Kim Cameron sums up the reasons why we need to understand the technical possibilities for how digital identity information can affect privacy; in short, we can’t make good policy if we don’t know how this stuff actually works. But I want to call out one assertion he (and he’s […]

Correlating Identities over Time

Kim Cameron responds to Paul Madsen responding to Kim Cameron, and I wonder what it is about Canadians and identity… Paul points out that Kim is missing one possible form of collusion, in which a single site correlates repeated visits from an individual even though they don’t know that individual’s name. Kim, in response, asks: […]

Software Testing Cheat Sheet

Adam Goucher, who escaped the Previous Employer before I did, links to an excellent reference on software testing: Quality Tree Software‘s Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet. Many thanks to Elisabeth Hendrickson for sharing this with us. I’m planning to print out a bunch of copies and staple one onto each member of my development team.

Fun introductions to RSS and Wikis

Bokardo posted links to a couple of good videos by Lee Lefever at Common Craft: RSS in Plain English and Wikis in Plain English. I’m pretty sure most of my readers are well beyond the intro level with RSS, but they’re worth watching just for the nifty lo-fi presentation style.

Battle Scars

I don’t think my rides are nearly as intense as Larry’s, but today at least I can boast about earning some (mild) scars. Here’s my route. It was a running-around morning; I had an early appointment up on St. Clair Avenue and then I had to go down to Toronto General to get my tuberculosis […]