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A Mixed Bag of Telemetry

There were a few open questions, and follow ups on previous work, that I wanted to look at in Mozilla’s Telemetry database (, though that page is out of date).

Add-on Compatibility Check

For Bug 772484, we wanted to know how often browser start up is blocked by the add-on compatibility check. Fortunately there is a clear telemetry probe for that; we set SIMPLE_MEASURES_STARTUPINTERRUPED to 1 if we display the dialog. Looking at the current (as of last week) Release and Beta versions in the dashboard (e.g.

Startup Interrupted (millions of events)
Version Sessions No Yes %
Release 27 318.96 313.07 5.89 1.85
Beta 28 11.66 11.53 0.128 1.10

Now, we only show this UI if (a) the version string of the installed browser changed from the last run in any way (major or minor version change) and (b) the user has add-ons installed somewhere other than the browser’s installation directory; that is, add-ons that weren’t included as part of the software distribution and thus would be outside the user’s control. So that’s the obvious next question – how often does a browser version change *not* trigger the compatibility dialog? This needed a custom Telemetry analysis ( I sampled a few days around when Fx 27 was released, when most users would be upgrading.

Version Changes
Dates Sessions Version changed Interrupted %
Feb 4-8 6653299 959662 662146 69.0
Feb 10-11 8333667 291936 215213 73.7

We’ll want to run this (or a comparable analysis) after Bug 760356 to see if we’ve improved.

SQLITE to JSON conversions

Did Bug 853388 and Bug 853389 make a noticeable difference in browser start up time? For this, I looked at the processed data in the new Telemetry dashboard at for both Firefox (the desktop browser) and Fennec (the Android browser). Bug 853389 shipped in Firefox 25, and 853388 shipped in Fx 26. For the desktop browser we normally measure start up time using ‘FIRSTPAINT’, which is the number of milliseconds from when firefox.exe started running, to when we start displaying the first web page. The following table is summarized from (and ..25.. etc. for the other releases):

Firefox Release, Time to First Paint (seconds)
Percentile Version
24 25 26 27
5% 0.692 0.695 0.694 0.693
25% 1.52 1.53 1.52 1.52
median 3.12 3.37 2.98 3.22
75% 7.13 7.46 6.51 7.41
95% NaN NaN NaN 30.01


Firefox Beta, Time to First Paint (seconds)
Percentile Version
24 25 26 27
5% 0.714 0.714 0.711 0.710
25% 1.81 1.79 1.59 1.59
median 3.58 3.47 3.39 3.40
75% 8.00 7.63 7.49 7.49
95% NaN 30.03 30.01 30.01

For the Android browser (Fennec), we don’t collect FIRSTPAINT but we have an event FENNEC_STARTUP_TIME_GECKOREADY that records when the HTML & JavaScript engine is done initializing.

Fennec Release, Time to Gecko Ready (seconds)
Percentile Version
24 25 26 27
5% 1.72 1.72 2.10 2.10
25% 2.41 2.58 2.75 2.68
median 3.18 3.19 3.90 3.90
75% 4.83 4.85 6.02 6.09
95% 13.32 13.34 16.39 16.41

Unfortunately there isn’t a really clear signal in this data; the higher percentiles of Desktop do improve a little; this makes sense, since browser profiles with extensions installed are likely to have a longer start up time to begin with and be more affected by the change in data storage. The Fennec start up times get significantly worse in version 26; we’re not sure why yet, it could be the overhead of IO.File starting up a separate JavaScript worker thread.

Start-up Exceptions

Bug 952543 added telemetry reporting of exceptions in Addon Manager and XPI Provider start up, and Bug 972852 fixed several of the bugs revealed. I re-ran the analysis; the fixes in 972853 worked, but there are still a few issues. Filed & patched Bug 986080 and Bug 986000; filed Bug 985998 and started a discussion on about the Preferences API, and filed Bug 986104.


  1. Vladan wrote:

    FIRSTPAINT actually measures the first time we paint anything, not the first webpage. In my experience, this milestone is triggered by the drawing of the first window.

    Why is the 95th percentile “NaN” in the “Firefox Release, Time to First Paint” table?

    Friday, March 21, 2014 at 9:29 pm | Permalink
  2. irving wrote:

    > Why is the 95th percentile “NaN” in the “Firefox Release, Time to First Paint” table?

    That’s what the Telemetry Dashboard shows. I expect it’s related to the messed up mean values we’re also getting, which I suspect are caused by telemetry packets containing broken data (negative or MAXUINT-x time intervals, for example).

    Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 2:53 pm | Permalink